Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cozy Couch Show Review: American Wiseass

History Channel. Comedic stand-up. What?

This is the best history lesson ev-er. Laugh out loud funny for the whole hour. I caught the last half of it from Andrew Jackson on.

Michael Loftus used slide projection, music videos, hilarious accents, and perfect punch lines. The punch lines are really hilarious and then bam-history lesson, yeah! IN YOUR FACE WITH KNOWLEDGE.

I really was laughing out loud. I was shocked when they interjected the music video to explain Jackson’s alliance with the pirates and freed slaves. A movie snippet with song and dance in a stand-up? On the History Channel? I didn't see it coming, but funny nonetheless. And historically accurate, the gist of it was, even if pirates didn't really look like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. It did the job! 

Fast forward to the Nazis losing the Olympics which leads to their only hope in the Arc of the Covenant. Enter Indiana Jones… "I’m going to make this up, they said I could make some of it up, as well…” - HA, 

Follow this with a cartoon based on the roadrunner skit. Don't think this was part of the history lesson, but entertaining.

Is it “politically correct,” as in using the acceptable terms? Not at all, but all in good, educational fun. And it was on at 7 pm, so it has to be somewhat family-friendly.

The best part, other than the comedy, is that the jokes really are based on history, so you will learn or remember simply by virtue of the comedy. 

I posted about it on my facebook page and got quite a few responses of others who had found it as well. All said it was laugh out loud funny. 

History on the History Channel, yes, please! I really hope there will be more of this kind of thing. 

American Wiseass on History Channel. Michael Loftus

Hope you can catch it!